“We’re all working as hard as we possibly can to make this as short a lockdown as possible – five days – that’s certainly better than five weeks or five months,” said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews at the beginning of his 15 July press conference.

But this premise, that a swift five-day lockdown would prevent a longer lockdown later, may have lost its credibility in the eyes of some Victorians after the Premier conceded today that the duration of the lockdown would exceed the original five-day period.

Daniel Andrews confirmed that Victoria’s lockdown would be extended, but the Premier could not say to which date it would be extended.

The state appears to have its current COVID-19 outbreak under control, but not yet crushed. 54,839 test results returned yesterday yielded 13 positives, as Victoria reached 81 active cases.

Meanwhile, the vaccine rollout continues to reach important milestones, albeit later than hoped. 75% of Australians aged 70 years or more have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the most recent available data.