Over budget and beyond schedule as usual, the demographics survey results are finally here!

General Demographic Information



Age distribution has stayed roughly the same, with 73.5% of respondents coming in between 18 and 29, compared with 74.7% last time.



The subreddit has gotten slightly more male since the last survey, with 92.1% of respondents selecting “Man,” as opposed to 90.3% in 2020. 3.7% (66 of 1782) of respondents reported being transgender.



The most common sexuality is still heterosexuality at 74.2% of respondents, the same percentage as last survey.



Note that although 1811 people responded to the Race and Ethnicity question, the total will add up to more than that because respondents were allowed to select multiple options. 20.1% (367 of 1768) of respondents indicated that they consider themselves PoC, a small uptick from 19.9% last year.



The subreddit has gotten significantly less American in the past year, going from 73.6% to 66.5%. Note that to stop the graph from being too big, I put every country with only one or two respondents under the “Other” category.


Note that past this point, I don’t have the results from the previous survey, so I’ll be comparing to the May 2020 one (two surveys ago).


Irreligiosity is still the largest religious affiliation, with a very tiny decrease in the number of irreligous people. (67.8% to 66% irreligious).

Relationship status


67.3% of people reported being single or unpartnered, a marginal increase from 63.8% last time.


1774 people reponded to the disability question, with 90.4% (1603) indicating that they were not disabled and 9.6% (171) indicating that they were.

Citizenship/Immigration Status


This question is new this year, so there is no previous data to compare to, but the vast majority (87.3%) of the subreddit reported being natural-born citizens. Note again that the numbers may add up to more than 1804 because respondents were allowed to select multiple options. The one “Other” response is someone who indicated that they were an undocumented immigrant.

Education, Employment, and Housing



Most (57.9%) people have a bachelor’s degree or higher, a slight decrease from 59.8% in the last survey.

Employment Status


65.2% of the subreddit has some form of employment, a slight increase from 62.4% in the last survey.

I’ve decided to scrap the second question from the employment section since, looking back on it, I structured it very badly. Even excluding students and unemployed respondents, the question only received about 1000 responses, and the very broad “white collar” and “blue collar” categories meant that a lot of people used the “other” option.

Area of Residence


We’ve fallen just short of reaching majority-urban (49.9%), although this is a small increase from 45% in the last survey. The proportion of rural people has stayed mostly the same, with suburban decreasing slightly.

Living Situation


This is another question where the total numbers add up to more than the number of respondents. I’d like to reword this question slightly for the next survey, since I think the wording confused some people, who used the “other” field to indicate that they lived with a spouse and kids (I’ve put those people in the “with significant other” category). Also, I’d like to change “with parents” to better accommodate people who may live with non-parental family (eg grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.)


News sources


Another new addition to the survey. The New York Times (43.7%) seems to be this subreddit’s favorite among the options, with The Economist (40%) coming in at a close second.

Political Views



The subreddit is still strongly center-left, with 55.7% of respondents indicating that they were left of center, compared with 56.3% in the last survey.



The subreddit is much further left on social issues, 87.6% of people being left of center, a slight decrease from 91.6% last survey. Note also that there are more center-left than left-wing people this year, whereas there were more left-wing people last year.

General Political


The subreddit is strongly center-left in general, with 73.5% of respondents indicating that they were left of center, a slight decrease from 74.7% in the last survey.

Supported Policies


The three most-supported policies are Free Trade (94.5%), a carbon tax (93.9%), and marriage equality (93.8%), while the three least-supported policies are banning civilian ownership of guns (21.7%), no corporate tax (26.6%), and hate speech laws (32.6%)

Neoliberal Project

Neoliberal Project Awareness


7.3% of people were unaware of anything related to the Neoliberal Project, with exponents magazine being the most obscure arm at only 20.5% awareness.

Neoliberal Podcast

1794 people responded to the question about the Neoliberal Podcast, with 14.7% (263) of people reporting that they listen to it and 85.3% (1531) reporting that they do not.

Discussion Thread

1772 people responded to the question about the Discussion Thread, with 65.6% (1162) reporting that they use it and 34.4% (610) reporting that they do not.



1710 people responded to the question about Americentrism, with 47.1% (805) feeling that the subreddit is too Americentric and 52.9% (905) disagreeing.

Submission Quality

1722 people responded to the question about submission quality, with 23.6% (406) of people feeling that the subreddit has too many low-quality submissions and 76.4% (1316) feeling otherwise.


1647 people responded to the question about staying off /r/all, with 75.3% (1240) of people saying that they think the subreddit is better off for staying off /r/all and 24.7% (407) of people disagreeing

Moderation Policy


Most people (69.6%) seem to think that moderation is neither too lax nor too strict, with a slight preference for too strict among everyone else.

Moderator satisfaction


Overall it seems like most people believe the mod team is doing a solidly above-average job, with 67.9% of people giving the team a rating of 4 or 5.

Survey satisfaction


People were slightly more satisfied with the survey (71.4%) than with the mod team, which I will interpret as praise for me personally and an indictment of the rest of the team.



Overall, the subreddit strongly favors 🐊 (87.8%), with a measly 12.2% choosing Howie Hawkins over 🐊.

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