Republishing our content

Australia Zone makes some of its articles available for redistribution under Creative Commons licenses. This means we’re allowing you to legally republish some of our articles, free of charge. However, this does not apply to all content published on Australia Zone, and even when it does apply, there are some conditions you must abide by.

It’s important to read the following information before republishing:

  1. Not all Australia Zone articles are licensed under Creative Commons. If you intend to republish an article from Australia Zone, check whether the article has a Creative Commons license and what the conditions of the license are. If the article does not have a Creative Commons license, it should not be republished.
  2. Creative Commons licenses may have conditions. For example, you may not be allowed to republish our material for commercial purposes. Our most commonly used license is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, but you should check each article individually.
  3. The license may only apply to the text of the article. Unless otherwise stated, the Creative Commons license only covers the text of the article, not images or embedded content included in the article.
  4. You must give attribution. If you republish an article, you must credit the author and you must not present the work as your own. We also ask that you mention Australia Zone and include a link to our homepage.
  5. We request that you do not systematically republish our content. It’s okay to republish more than one of our articles, but we ask that you don’t republish too frequently.
  6. Donations are appreciated. You may republish our Creative Commons content for free. However, a small donation would be appreciated.


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