Of the 1,881,421 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in Australia in the last seven days, more than three quarters have been of Pfizer’s Comirnaty brand.

In the first half of the year, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine (now branded as Vaxzevria) accounted for the majority of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in Australia. By September, however, the Pfizer vaccine had replaced it as Australia’s most-used vaccine.

Uptake of the locally-made AstraZeneca vaccine has been declining since August, leaving Australia with a large stockpile of Vaxzevria. Meanwhile, Pfizer uptake has grown each month as a result of increasing supply. The Moderna vaccine entered the mix in September, but it comprises only a small proportion of all doses administered.

Of the 36,672 doses administered in Victoria’s state vaccination hubs on Wednesday, 89.6% were Pfizer, 6.1% were AstraZeneca and 4.3% were Moderna. Since the rollout commenced, approximately 79% of the doses administered in the state’s vaccination clinics have been Pfizer doses.

Nationally, Pfizer constitutes the vast majority of doses administered in the last few weeks across state vaccination hubs and general practice clinics, although — unlike Moderna and AstraZeneca — it is not available in pharmacies.