The number of Australian job advertisements including the phrase “fully vaccinated” has tripled in 15 days.

Job search website returned 293 results for the phrase on 23 September, and now returns 880 — a 200% increase.

Much of the rise has been driven by Melbourne, where the number of “fully vaccinated” job ads has increased sixfold in the same time frame. This week, it was announced that, under Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions, all ‘authorised workers’ in the state must be fully vaccinated by 26 November, with some exceptions.

In less populous cities, the number of job ads including the phrase has increased tenfold or more in the last 15 days. The increase in Sydney was much smaller, but the city still ranks first in total figures.

Nationally, job advertisements featuring the phrase “fully vaccinated” are most common in the Healthcare & Medical classification, followed by Hospitality & Tourism.

Overall, “fully vaccinated” listings constitute just 0.4% of all job advertisements in Australia at present. This metric, however, is not a perfect indication of how many available jobs require vaccination against COVID-19.