Public hearings for IBAC’s Operation Watts have continued this morning, with Holt MP Anthony Byrne cross-examined by Remy van de Wiel QC, representing Adem Somyurek.

The ABC’s Four Corners program received a surprise mention.

Byrne was asked about a text he allegedly sent, which reads as follows: ‘If she mucks up, I will make sure she guest stars in a Four Corners hatchet job on China.’

“So you are indicating [in the text message] that you have sufficient power to ensure that she is adversely raised in terms of a Four Corners program,” van de Wiel asked. “Correct?”

“I don’t recall the text, counsel, because I don’t have a record of those texts, but I can’t deny that may have been said in a text,” responded Byrne, who insisted that he had no memory of the text. “I’m flying completely blind here.”