Australia has achieved 80% single dose vaccination of the population aged 16 years or more, after a record day of COVID-19 vaccination.

350,856 vaccinations were recorded by the federal government yesterday, bringing first dose uptake to 80.5%, according to the government’s daily update.

140,225 new vaccinations were recorded in New South Wales, as well as 95,600 in Victoria. Queensland’s total increased by 50,798 and Western Australia added 26,519 to its tally. South Australia recorded a particularly good day, with 20,317 new vaccinations.

Second doses now account for the majority of recent vaccinations, and this is particularly true in state vaccination hubs in Victoria and New South Wales. Of the 36,542 doses administered in Victorian state vaccination hubs yesterday, only 28% were first doses. Of the 22,987 doses administered in New South Wales state hubs, just 11% were first doses.

Pharmacies are responsible for a growing share of the vaccination numbers, including 11% of the 350,856 vaccinations reported today.

Nationally, the lag between the first dose and second dose totals is roughly 36 days, which means Australia should reach the 80% second dose threshold within six weeks of today’s 80% first dose milestone. The target may be reached much sooner, as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which typically have shorter recommended dose intervals than the AstraZeneca vaccine, make up a larger share of new vaccinations. In Victoria’s state vaccination hubs, the dose interval for Pfizer has recently been cut in half to just three weeks.